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About the Animals

Many of the captivating creations of ceramic artist Alexis Nichandros Moyer begin with the thought “What if…?” It is this free association of her imagination combined with the structural skills Moyer has honed over the past quarter century that allow her handmade pottery pieces to come into being and make them easily recognizable as her own special blend of sophisticated whimsy.

In her wonderful animal sculptures Moyer captures a sense of whimsy and playfulness. Often larger than life-size, she thinks of her animals as more of caricatures than likenesses and tries to capture the spirit of joy animals bring to us when they touch our lives.

The animal sculptures are handmade with coils made from stoneware clay. They are high fired and suitable for indoor or outdoor display. In very cold climates they should come indoors for the winter.

Most of the animal sculptures pictured in the photo album are already placed in private collections. Moyer is always making new sculptures which usually appear on The Pot Shop's Facebook Page first.  Custom orders are available if you would like a piece similar to one of those shown or if you have a special request. Please feel free to contact us to discuss what we can make for you.